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AI-driven breakthrough solutions for Business

We specialize in development and delivery of cutting-edge AI/ML solutions, sharpened to address complex business challenges. Get to know how!

Key Facts About Us

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Our mission

We strive to make artificial intelligence and machine learning human-centered and serve companies' sustainability, and environmental friendliness; and deliver measurable value to business everyday operations.

Core competencies

We specialize in machine learning and data science for industrial companies and engineering teams working for such businesses.

Client success orientation

Pre-packed and trained, our machine learning solutions are ready to be implemented in weeks, not months or customized to fit your request.

Parent company experience & support

VITech Lab is an R&D division of VITech company, which has more than 12 years of software development expertise.

Our branches

We strive to help companies across all stages of the AI&ML adoption journey. Having a scope of readily available ML solutions in our portfolio, we enable a significantly faster time-to-market and accelerate AI delivery from years to a few weeks.

Artificial Intelligence software for Healthcare, Life Sciences, and Pharmaceutical companies

● Improvement of diagnostics accuracy● Disease screening and detection● Epidemic scenarios calculation● HIPAA Compliant Cloud Infrastructure● Readmission prediction

Artificial Intelligence software for Manufacturing, Construction, and Hard Industrial companies

● Facial recognition for access control● Defect detection

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Parent company

VITech Lab is the R&D division of VITech, VITech provides R&D, software, and data engineering services to innovative startups. We specialize in system architecture consulting, Big Data engineering, and Data Science. Since 2008 top healthcare brands have used our services to improve lives of over 60 million people.

Why AI&ML is the leading technology in our products

Relying on our experience and deep market researches, we develop Machine Learning Solutions which become efficient instruments for business growth and evolution. Our solutions can be deployed in weeks. not months, as they are pre-packed and pre-trained by our team.

Deployed solution cuts costs on quality control and personnel safety control.

Real-time monitoring brings accuracy to control systems. Also reduces human-based factors of cheating or carelessness.

Solutions uncover non-trivial insights. Anomaly detection and pattern recognition buzz you for what people overlook in an everyday rush.

Get to know the team!

victor sarapin

Vic Sarapin

CEO at VITech
20 years in IT industry, starting from C++ programming to established company.
dmitry spodarets

Dmitry Spodarets

Head of VITech Lab
Entrepreneur with 10+ years experience in developing outsourcing and product IT companies. Cloud computing & Data Science expert.
yevheniia minaieva

Yevheniia Minaieva

Product marketing lead
7 years experience in marketing management and branding. Private consultant. Practicing lecturer.
serhiy tyrtov

Serhii Tyrtov

Digital marketing expert
4 years experience in digital marketing, PPC, and SEO. Certified Google Ads specialist
oleksandra smilianska

Oleksandra Smilianska

Project Manager
Unicorning things for 7+ years. Started as a Software Engineer in Java. PMP.
yehor sakharov

Yehor Sakharov 

Senior User Experience Designer
Results-oriented Senior UX designer.Experienced in enterprise-level Healthcare SaaS.
andrii kogut

Andrii Kogut

QA Engineer
Over 11 years in software testing.
borys tymchenko

Borys Tymchenko

Senior ML Research Engineer
9 years experience in IT, 5 of them in machine learning. Kaggle Master

oksana mekh

Oksana Mekh

Software developer
Experienced back-end & front-end development specialist.
anton chudaev

Anton Chudaev

DevOps Competence Manager at VITech
14 years experience in IT, 6 of them in DevOps. Certified AWS Solution Architect. MLOps in VITech Lab.
maria osadets

Maria Osadets

Passionate about implementing business logic into web applications for the Healthcare field and beyond.
anton chudaev

Oleksandr Silich

Software Engineer
1.5 experience in backend development, implementing business logic, front-end development, and DevOps processes.

Proud to be in AWS Partner Network


We are proud to be AWS Advanced Technology Partner and be certified as AWS Technology Partner, Advanced Tier, AWS Marketplace Seller, SaaS Partner, and Public Sector Partner.

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Locations & Offices

US, Poland, Ukraine. Headquarters - Lviv, Ukraine.