Check out the real performance of SafetyRadar!

Here are the case studies for real-time AI-based safety monitoring, provided by SafetyRadar.


Face mask detection for Medical Imaging Center "Sanitas"

Sanitas enforces PPE compliance, ensures the safety of their staff and patients amid the COVID-19 pandemic. See how VITech Lab team resolved the challenge for constant PPE monitoring with the AI-powered software.


PPE Compliance Monitoring for “Carbine” Sports Shooting Club

“Carbine” enforces PPE compliance, reduces the risk of human error by safeguarding their customers against injury with AI.


PPE Monitoring and Epidemic Safety Compliance for "Persha Pekarnya" Bakery

“Persha Pekarnya” enforces epidemiological safety in retail areas, raises the standards of epidemic safety compliance by monitoring PPE in their kitchens with AI.


VITech Lab on AWS Blog: PPE monitoring for healthcare & life science workplaces

 In this post, we show you how to deploy the solution using machine learning (ML)-powered vision on AWS, which is tied to connected closed-circuit television (CCTV) and thermal camera feeds. 


PneumoScan: PPE Safety Check for Medical Staff

Pneumoscan’s team implements SafetyRadar as part of their AI tool for PPE monitoring and COVID-19 testing, to win the AWS Marketplace Developer Challenge.