PPE Compliance Monitoring for “Carbine” Sports Shooting Club

“Carbine” enforces PPE compliance, reduces the risk of human error by safeguarding their customers against injury with AI

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“Carbine” is an inclusive shooting club for athletes and all those who enjoy spending their time with pistols, rifles, shotguns, and other types of hand weapons. It incorporates six shooting ranges of a different variety and employs highly proficient shooting instructors to ensure safety, security, and satisfaction of their customers. The company’s shooting ranges are regularly used as training and competition grounds by Ukrainian Shooting Federation.


“Carbine” sports shooting club wanted to make their shooting ranges more secure. They were looking for a way to more efficiently check if shooting instructors had provided safety goggles and earmuffs to customers, and if they had ensured that protective gear was on before first shots were fired. Through that, “Carbine” intended to protect their customers from potential eye injuries and noise-induced hearing loss caused by human error.


VITech Lab proposed to use their PPE compliance solution to detect protective glasses and headphones/earmuffs, and to report any safety violations by shooting instructors. It was integrated with Carbine’s monitoring system that used CCTV cameras to identify “tracked” objects in video streams in real-time. The solution was hosted in the AWS cloud, with reports on PPE compliance violations delivered to and displayed in Carbine’s monitoring app.


VITech Lab hooked up their PPE solution to Carbine’s monitoring system in two weeks. Built to detect various PPE items in diverse environments, the solution was able to identify if protective glasses and headphones were on/off in ~99% of cases, with a latency of less than a few seconds. Near real-time performance ensures that shooting instructors can be almost immediately alerted if any of the required PPE items are off, to prevent accidental injury.


The Challenge

Shooting is enjoyed by millions of people across the globe. Some practice it as a sport, others — just for fun. In both cases, unfortunately, shooting remains a dangerous activity that may easily result in injury or death.
Say, you have a novice shooter who has had some basic training but is not 100% sure about how to handle ammunition and guns. They experience some problems with their gun and try to solve it on their own. Then, something goes wrong, and the shot is unexpectedly fired. Here’s how most accidental shootings occur. (Hopefully, most of them are not fatal.)
Or, imagine a more common situation. A novice shooter just wants to have some fun. A shooting instructor approaches to explain how to safely handle their firearm at the range. The instructor also gives them protective glasses and headphones but forgets to ensure the gear is on when first shots are fired. As a result, the novice gets a minor eye injury and is partially deaf in one ear. Here’s how most non-fatal injuries caused by PPE non-compliance happen.


The latter case is the challenge the executive team at “Carbine” sports shooting club faced when dealing with customers. Though their shooting instructors are professionals, they make mistakes as all people do — some of their customers have accidentally started shooting without protective gear; some of them have got minor injuries. Such accidents undermine safety standards, affect customer satisfaction, and are just bad for business.
Wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) like protective glasses and goggles is essential to keeping people safe at any shooting facility. According to a report by OSHA, an agency of the United States Department of Labor created to ensure safe and healthful working conditions, eye protection can prevent up to 90% of eye injuries.


Ear protection is also a must. No less than 50 percent of shooters suffer from hearing loss, and it is no wonder why — most gunfire exceeds 130 decibels while any sound exceeding 70-90 decibels can cause damage to hearing.
Given that, “Carbine” wanted to make their shooting facilities as safe as possible by taking advantage of an automated system designed to detect PPE non-compliances and notify shooting instructors if customers had failed to wear their eye and ear protections properly, prior to firing their guns.
To develop such a system, they approached VITech Lab, a notable provider of various AI/ML solutions in Europe and North America.

What VITech Lab Did

VITech Lab has vast experience in designing and building PPE monitoring solutions for healthcare and manufacturing industries. We know how important PPE compliance is to ensure employee safety and well-being.
We started by reviewing Carbine’s infrastructure and monitoring system in place. They had a network of CCTV cameras, which were used for security monitoring by supervisors. The cameras were hooked up to a very basic, on-premises monitoring system.
Our solution was to integrate VITech Lab’s PPE compliance solution with Carbine’s monitoring system while enhancing the latter. To ensure high performance and cost-efficiency, it was proposed to move the system to the AWS cloud.Since VITech Lab’s PPE solution was originally built to detect protective coats, glasses, gloves and masks, a few customizations were required.

ppe detection by vitech lab

The glasses database was augmented to make it easier for the solution to detect shooting safety glasses in shooting-range environments. For that, video streams from “Carbine” were utilized.
The ear protection database was found and prepared to be consumed by ML. The PPE model was re-trained and tuned using a new database.

Overall, the
architecture of the PPE solution did not change much.
The executive team at “Carbine” agreed to enhance their monitoring system through AI/ML and to move its backend to AWS. The solution was to be implemented at one of Carbine’s shooting ranges and, provided it worked as intended, they were willing to scale the solution across their chain of shooting facilities.

Value Delivered

~99%accuracy in detecting PPE violations
First results delivered in less than two weeks
Increased customer safety and satisfaction

sanitas is vitech lab partner

VITech Lab completed the preliminary work and implemented their PPE compliance solution at Carbine’s shooting range in two weeks. That allowed “Carbine” to start benefiting from the new technology right off the bat — missing protective gear was detected in seconds, and shooting instructors could immediately react to prevent accidental injuries.

Since the solution was augmented and re-trained, it was able to identify objects in real-time video streams with accuracy of ~99%. The decision to migrate to AWS was beneficial, too. The system demonstrated high performance, with latency of less than a few seconds, and proved to be cost-efficient enough to be scaled across multiple locations.

Almost immediate, automated action on PPE violations means that Carbine has safeguarded both their customers and shooting instructors against potential damage. Increased safety has positively impacted customer satisfaction and loyalty, ensuring that “Carbine” sports shooting club will stay in business for many years to come.

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