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General questions

  • What is SaaS? What are the benefits of cloud software?

    SaaS means "Software-as-a-Service". It is a type of software solutions and applications, delivered over the Internet instead of being installed. The approach allows a user to simply access solutions via the Internet, avoiding complex software and hardware management.
    Hence, SaaS provides significant benefits for businesses by helping in cost reduction, time savings, and process optimization. Using SaaS, companies become more flexible and rapid in their processes and routines, which makes them more competitive and profitable.

  • What SafetyRadar does? What are the technologies behind what is called “PPE monitoring, performed by artificial intelligence”? 

    When you sign in to SafetyRadar, you see a user-friendly interface and a bunch of tasks you can perform in it. But what lies beneath? The main thing about SafetyRadar is it is a cloud software solution, based on artificial intelligence and machine learning.
    Computer vision and object detection algorithms inside allow it to automatically identify the absence of protective clothing and equipment on people. This makes SafetyRadar an automated assistant, which constantly accurately monitors PPE compliance in working environments. Moreover, it is trained not to observe only, but also to notify users about violations. This means, when a person in the sight of a camera doesn’t wear obligatory PPE, SafetyRadar classifies this as a violation. And sends a notification to the user.

  • How do I get started with SafetyRadar?

    Start with a free demo. It will help you evaluate the solution’s capabilities to meet your needs in real life. The key opportunity provided by the demo is the possibility to connect your existing camera. Thus you will see the PPE monitoring process running via your camera. If you conclude SafetyRadar works for your business, you may subscribe to the full version without leaving the demo.
    If you have an AWS Marketplace account and want to automate PPE monitoring using the SafetyRadar version published on AWS Marketplace, click here.

  • What are the deployment options?

    SafetyRadar is available as a cloud SaaS mainly. Or you may choose to automate PPE monitoring using the SafetyRadar version published on AWS Marketplace.
    As for on-premise (local) deployment, there’s no ready-to-use version yet. However, it does not mean we cannot develop it for you. So contact our sales to discuss the request in detail.

  • What computing resources does SafetyRadar use?

    We use Amazon Web Services as our primary cloud provider.

  • Can I request additional features or any other customization?

    Of course! Safety solution customization is one of the ways to enhance your competitive position, boost the HR brand, and provide better care for employees and visitors.
    Here are some ideas of what can be customized:● the types of detected PPE items;● monitoring of PPE colors, form and configurations;● adding social distancing or temperature measurement;● adding facial recognition and access control. 
    Do you have any special requests? We are at your service. Contact us and let's make it live!

Demo and Day-to-Day usage after subscription

  • How long does my free trial last?

    Once you sign up and confirm your email, your demo account gets activated. From that moment you have 14 days of a free trial. During this period can review the key features & capacities and therefore see how AI-based PPE monitoring works for real.
    What is even better, during the demo you can connect your existing camera to SafetyRadar! By doing this, you’d add AI capacities to that camera and make it perform PPE detection. Ready to get started?

  • What happens when my demo expires? 

    It is just the free trial period that expires, which doesn't mean you're not welcome! You lose neither an account nor your connected camera if you have one. So when the 14-days demo expires, you may sign in back anytime and subscribe to the full version. By the way, the full version will allow you to connect and group up to 200 cameras, add users and export the reports.

  • How many users can I add? Can I establish roles and access?

    Adding users allows you to work in teams with our colleagues, share cases, and keep abreast of what's going on at the worksites. You can invite your teammates via email, establish roles and manage access. This feature becomes available when you subscribe to the full version.

  • Do you provide any technical support?

    Sure! We are happy to help you with any technical issues like placing or connecting cameras, managing roles, and much more. Contact us via any contact form, chat on the website or SafetyRadar, or write us at moc.balhcetiv%40troppus.

  • Where is SafetyRadar located geographically?

    SafetyRadar is hosted in the AWS region of Ireland. If you need SafetyRadar to be located in your or nearby region, please contact us to find out more.


Pricing and billing

  • What are the pricing plans?

    SafetyRadar pricing & billing are based on the Pay-As-You-Go subscription model. This means you can plan your spendings and pay it forward. And you are billed only for actual cameras operation time. This approach allows you to control all the costs, moreover making it as efficient as possible.The price is 0.09$ per hour per camera. It is the same as 0.0015$ per minute, and the billing goes per minute.

  • How can I plan my cost in advance?

    This calculator is designed for your comfort in planning the cost of PPE monitoring automation. You only need to know the number of cameras you plan to connect to SafetyRadar, and for how long you need them to detect PPE. Once you input those parameters, the calculator will show how much it would take to automate PPE monitoring for your case. Don't worry - using calculation doesn't mean we charge you. It is just a tool to plan the cost.

  • How can I subscribe?

    You may start with a free demo without contacting sales or signing any papers. If SafetyRadar really fits your needs, you may proceed to payment. However if you are already sure, you may subscribe right now. No papers or contracts are required, you can quit or restart anytime.

  • How often will I be charged if I subscribe?

    It’s up to you to decide. It means, you top-up your account for a sum you find reasonable. To plan the cost properly, the price calculator is in your favor. And once you add funds to the account, SafetyRadar will charge it every minute. In other words, you totally control the cost. SafetyRadar can only spend the money you put on the balance.

  • What payment options are available?

    We love both smart and simple solutions. That is why SafetyRadar can be paid by Mastercard or Visa card directly. We use Stripe as our payment system.No long negotiations, sales hustle, papers, or contracting. Either starting or canceling a subscription is as easy as getting your Uber taxi.

  • Does the pricing & billing depend on country or region?

    No, we work globally. Our payment processing system is based on Stripe.

  • How can I get the money back from my balance?

    You control all your money even after completing the transaction of adding funds to your balance. To return money from your balance, sign in and go to profile settings. There you will see a button, clicking on which will refund the balance.

  • I represent a company of a quite big scale, thus SafetyRadar cannot cover our needs. What can you offer in such a case?

    Try the free demo to review the key capacities and features. If the demo version looks good to start from, let's discuss how we may proceed to further cooperation. Terms and conditions for enterprise clients are up for discussion individually. It means we will take into account all your requests and do our best to fit your objectives. By the way, to reduce the risks for our enterprise clients, we provide POV (proof of value) pilots.

Connecting cameras

  • Why is Internet connection the first thing I should check up?

    Network bandwidth is a factor limiting the performance of a distribution system. Most of the information sent is the video stream. Upload bandwidth should be at least 2MBit / s per camera. Consequently, the minimum required connection speed can be calculated by multiplying the number of cameras by 2.
    For example, you have 10 cameras that you are going to connect. The channel bandwidth for one camera is 2 Mbps. This means the total bandwidth required is 10 times 2. That is 20 Mbps.
    The more you have - the better. You can always check your upload bandwidth on Speedtest.

  • Why do I need to connect my cameras to SafetyRadar?

    SafetyRadar is developed to monitor PPE compliance on worksites and send notifications to managers in case of violations. This means, if you want to be sure your employees and colleagues wear obligatory protection, you should use cameras placed on your worksites. Once you have connected them to SafetyRadar, they become able to perform PPE detection. And your team will receive the violation alerts, thus being able to prevent injuries, accidents, or virus transmission.
    By the way, during the free trial period, you are welcome to test SafetyRadar in the field by connecting your 1 camera for free.

  • Do I have any chances to connect cameras myself? Do I need to have any special qualifications?

    Don’t worry, it only seems complicated! By the way, it might be a good idea to delegate the camera connection task to your IT specialist or system administrator. It will be a piece of cake for them. Nevertheless, if you don’t have one, our detailed and simple FAQ is for you. So do we and our online support via chat or email (moc.balhcetiv%40troppus).


What steps should I take to connect my cameras to SafetyRadar?

What cameras can be connected to SafetyRadar? How do I know my camera fits?

  • Can I connect my 3G or 4G camera?

    Yes, if you request static IP from your provider. Or, if your camera is supported by one of the services for a static domain - or The first service is supported for Hikvision, Dahua, Trendnet cameras.

  • Is it safe to connect my cameras to the SafetyRadar? The data from cameras is sensible! 

    We care about your safety and privacy. That is why we did our best when designing SafetyRadar and making it as safe and reliable, as possible. Here are some more details. If this does not resolve your concerns, reach out for a free consultation.


PPE types & classes

  • What is PPE?

    By PPE we mean personal protective equipment. It includes wearable clothes or equipment, needed to protect health & life from hazardous environments at the worksites.

  • Will any other PPE classes be available? What will be added?

    Surely! We are actively working on broadening the PPE types list. Protection needed to Hard Industrial (construction, extraction, manufacturing, etc) will be the priority, as well as special protective gear for Healthcare & Life Science. Stay tuned, the updates will be published on the website or via mail if you’re a subscriber.

    If you have an urgent request regarding monitoring any PPE class,
    contact us directly. Adding a PPE class on request may take us approximately 2-3 weeks. Reach out for details.

  • How can I be sure the PPE classes used on my worksites will be detected properly?

    The first thing here is that SafetyRadar’s algorithms are trained to detect PPE in different conditions. We have prepared it to work in real life and for real business. However, each software has limitations. So to be sure things are going to work, we advise you to check the following:
    1. Objects must not be blurry. This means you might need to check whether the camera is clean or is its focus good, etc.
    2. Face height must be larger than 5% of a vertical camera field of view (FOV), (e.g. 54 pixels for 1080p image). 3. Faces must be fully in the frame if you want to detect mask compliance. If you need to detect helmet or vest compliance, people should be in the frame as well. Partial detection may lead to false alarms.
    4. There must be no mirror surfaces giving reflections (glass, mirrors, etc.).

What PPE classes can SafetyRadar monitor?


  • I want SafetyRadar to work together with software and services I already have. Is it possible? 

    Yes. We can help you integrate SafetyRadar with SCADA, ERP, process management software, etc. For example: SAP R/3, Oracle Business Suite, Terrasoft ERP.
    To run such integration,
    reach out to our support via chat, any website form or email: moc.balhcetiv%40troppus

  • Is it possible to integrate SafetyRadar with access-control hardware?

    Yes. A good example here is an integration with an entry turnstile (no entry without PPE). Or another example - an integration with machinery or equipment which needs the user to have PPE before starting work. To run any similar integration, reach out to our support via chat, any website form or email: moc.balhcetiv%40troppus

  • Can SafetyRadar be integrated through API?

    Yes. To get more details, contact us via chat, any website form, or email: moc.balhcetiv%40troppus


Data transfer, storage & security

  • Do you have access to my data?

    We care about the security of the data we collect, so only our administrator has access to the databases and only if you request it for support purposes.We don’t have access to your passwords. All passwords are hashed to ensure security meaning that we cannot see the password itself, but you are able to use it securely.We don’t have access to your payment data. The entire payment process is handled by a secure payment service provider .
    We use encrypted Amazon RDS databases through AWS Key Management Service (KMS). On a database instance running with Amazon RDS encryption, data stored at rest in the underlying storage is encrypted, as are its automated backups, read replicas, and snapshots.
    The security of your data is important to us but remember that no method of transmission over the Internet or method of electronic storage is 100% secure. While we strive to use commercially acceptable means to protect your Personal Data, we cannot guarantee its absolute security.
    Please review our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use for more details.

  • How do you guarantee security for my data? How secure is SafetyRadar?

    Yes, we do. We value your privacy and totally understand the risks. Therefore we invested all the needed resources and competencies to ensure your safety and privacy.
    The data is stored in RDS PostgreSQL, which is encrypted according to the AES-256 standard.A JWT token with the SHA-512 hash algorithm is used to secure passwords.The violation images are stored in AWS S3 under private settings, which means that security is provided by the AWS cloud. Solution security testing takes place at the QA stage using the Owasp ZAP tool. SafetyRadar has successfully passed several technical audits by AWS: AWS Well-Architected Framework and AWS Foundational Technical Review.
    If you have any questions or concerns regarding safety, security, and data processing, reach out for free consultation anytime,

  • What is the state of privacy with SafetyRadar?

    The video from the camera is processed instantly and is never saved. Only images of violations detected by SafetyRadar can be saved. Our system never identifies people or stores their identities. All output data is anonymized, aggregated, and transmitted to the system web interface and API in the form of visual or tabular data.
    Please review our Privacy policy.Or contact us for more details.

Advanced technical questions & detailed instructions

How can I tune my router (add a port forwarding rule)?

Where may I find my camera’s RTSP?

How can I check if my RTSP address is valid?

Should I change or calibrate the camera placement for the detection to work properly?


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