How can I be sure the PPE classes used on my worksites will be detected properly?

The first thing here is that SafetyRadar’s algorithms are trained to detect PPE in different conditions. We have prepared it to work in real life and for real business. However, each software has limitations. So to be sure things are going to work, we advise you to check the following:
1. Objects must not be blurry. This means you might need to check whether the camera is clean or is its focus good, etc.
2. Face height must be larger than 5% of a vertical camera field of view (FOV), (e.g. 54 pixels for 1080p image). 3. Faces must be fully in the frame if you want to detect mask compliance. If you need to detect helmet or vest compliance, people should be in the frame as well. Partial detection may lead to false alarms.
4. There must be no mirror surfaces giving reflections (glass, mirrors, etc.).