What steps should I take to connect my cameras to SafetyRadar?

1. Sign up to SafetyRadar. Or sign in, if you already have an account.
2. Select tab “Cameras”. On the left panel, you will find a “+” icon near “My cameras”. Click on it.
3. Go to your router settings. Add port forwarding rule to your router. Please make sure your camera has a public IP.
4. Choose or create a camera group. A camera group may be related to a floor, location, special area, or level. It makes it easier for you to navigate in case you have a lot of cameras connected. For example: “Administrative building. Floor 1”. You may change the name anytime.
5. Add the RTSP address of the camera you want to connect, check if the address you entered is valid.
6. Check the camera placement parameters and calibrate them if needed for the detection to work properly.
7. Assign a name for the camera. For example: “Reception hall main view”. You may change the name anytime.
8. Choose PPE classes you want the camera to monitor. This means you establish the type of protective gear which should be obligatorily used in the area. Therefore, if someone in the camera’s field of view will be without protection, there will be a violation alert. The number or types of PPE will not affect the price.
9. Save the changes.You can return and change the cameras’ settings anytime.
Feel free to contact us in case you have any issues with connecting cameras. We are always there for you to help.