If you are already an AWS user

Can SafetyRadar be deployed in my AWS account? Or may it be VITech Lab's AWS account?

Both variants are possible. Let's discuss the details in private.

How does the solution work on AWS Marketplace?

The solution consists of two components:1. The ML model itself, which analyzes images from live stream from client’s surveillance cameras on the worksites;2. The Web interface, which transfers images from cameras to the ML model for analysis. The interface is user-friendly, so it serves as the main workplace environment for an end user. It provides an ability to:● control the cameras; ● observe the process of video stream analysis in real-time;● get and configure notifications about detected non-compliance cases: ● get access to all the detected violations, automatically saved to an archive;● manage users and accesses.The architecture on AWS Marketplace is depicted on the right.
The detailed instruction on how to deploy the model is here, on the AWS Blog.

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