Ant platform
Automate building, deployment, and monitoring of setup environments on AWS.
Configure on-demand environments on the fly to accelerate time to innovation.
Core Components
A CI/CD system to manage a lifecycle of AMI and Docker Image.
A web interface to create an environment by selecting the needed image and instance type. The workers designed to operate at high-load can create, delete, stop and start instances on AWS. The storage based on ownCloud allows users to sync data between multiple environments and local systems, as well as provides access to data without having to start the environment in the cloud.
A monitoring system to keep track of every platform's component, including started working environments, which is built on Fluentd, AWS Cloud Watch, Icinga, and Grafana.
Solution Overview
The platform to automate building, deployment, and monitoring of setup environments on AWS. Through the platform, users reduce the amount of time needed to set up on-demand environments and accelerate time to innovation. The diagram below presents the architecture that can be deployed using the AWS CloudFormation template.
Industries & Applications
Quickly and easily provide setup environments for students to complete lab work, do homework, or practice their tech skills in the cloud.
Science & Research
Invigorate your research teams by simplifying their tasks through setup on-demand environments, with compute and shared access to research materials.
Software Testing
Assist your quality assurance professionals to efficiently test apps in separate environments using all the compute resources they need.
Empower your engineers by providing them virtual desktop environments, with all required software pre-installed and compute supplied.
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