PPE Monitoring software for Hard Industrial worksites

Ensure employees safety with artificial intelligence. Automate PPE monitoring at the harsh working environments. ., as human's life is priceless!

SafetyRadar is a perfect safety management assistant

safety alert
    Achieve up to 99% PPE compliance thanks to permanent monitoring and violation detection;
    Cover spacy worksites and hardly accessible locations on ocean rigs, building sites, fabrication lines;
    Take actions in time and prevent injuries. Safety teams become able to react to the absence of safety gear in time, and eliminate that risk;
    Be sure you detect all safety breaches, and no violation is left unnoticed. The monitoring algorithm is extremely hard to cheat on.

How does the software work?

  • Connects to your CCTV/IP cameras 

  • Constantly monitors worksites

  • Detects the absence of protective clothes and equipment on workers

  • Sends notifications about violations to your safety team 

  • Archive upload

    Archives safety violation reports

ppe detection ocean rig
Constructor in PPE on the worksite


Is there anything that does not fit your objectives? Or do you need more? No worries, we implement individual requests to make SafetyRadar suitable for you!



How do we deploy the solution? Fortunately, we have several options. So you may choose a relevant one, taking into consideration your technical capabilities and requirements.



Our approach is: "You pay only for what is valuable for you". Investigate our flexible plans, and discuss the pricing for your project with our team.

What PPE classes are monitored?

High visibility vest




safety monitoring for manufacturing

Real-life performance

Here are some examples of how it might look in your working areas.

Capabilities and features

Simultaneously detects several PPE classes on people 

When there are a lot of people in sight, no one will be missed. The software will see them all and detect the absence of several types of protective gear on each person.

Based on real-time video processing and analytics

As it uses streams form CCTV or IP cameras on worksites, monitoring and analytics is performed in real-time. So your safety team knows about a violation instantly and take actions in time to prevent injuries.

Compatible with any high-resolution cameras

You may use any modern IP cameras with minimal parameters: Resolution - from 2 MP, Video resolution - from 1920 × 1080 pixels, Video Format - H.264, Max FOV: 80 degrees, Color.

Can be tuned and customized to fit your objectives

PPE types and their peculiarities; number of PPE classes; specific requirements to monitoring and reporting; and other settings can be customized straight in the software interface or with the help of our team.

Easy steps towards smarter safety control in your company

Get the demonstration, try the software 

You may choose to try the demo version of the solution right now. Or start from free consultation, where we will answer all your questions and demonstrate the software.

Talk to VITech Lab sales & tech team 

If the demo version looks good to start from, let's discuss how we may proceed to further cooperation. It means we will take into account all your requests and do our best to fit your objectives.

Run a pilot project 

The demo sounds good, but a real-life launch on your company's worksites is better. During the pilot project, you may try all the features, review the software performance, and make the final decision. Surely, during the PoC we also may choose individual customization and support services.

Get the full-pledged deployment

Here we scale the solution to all needed cameras and worksites and fine-tune the SafetyRadar to make it maximum comfortable for you and your safety team.

Automate safety monitoring easily!

 Wondering how SafetyRadar may work for you? Just fill in the form and get a free consultation!