Mask detection for Retail, HoReCa, and Hospitality

Be sure employees and visitors wear masks where necessary, so nothing stands in the way of pleasant shopping and recreation.

SafetyRadar helps to ensure safety for pleasant shopping and staying

Face mask detection in the store
    Strengthen your business sustainability making it maximum safe for employees and visitors;
    Maximize the epidemiological safety for your hotels, supermarkets, or malls during the quarantine;
    Be sure up to 99% of visitors & employees are wearing masks;
    Monitor several floors, areas, and levels simultaneously.

How does the software work?

  • Connects to your IP/CCTV cameras 

  • Constantly monitors the chosen areas

  • Detects the absence of masks on visitors and employees

  • Sends notifications about violations to your safety team 

  • Archive upload

    Archives safety violation reports

Face mask detector in the office
Customize solution for your needs


SafetyRadar is not meant to have a fixed function list. Do you need social distancing monitoring or temperature screening? Let's talk about it!

How to deploy SafetyRadar


Choose a deployment option that fits you best! Or we will take into consideration your technical capabilities and requirements, and offer you the best approach.

Pricing investigation


Our approach is: "You pay only for what is valuable for you". Investigate our flexible plans, and discuss the pricing for your project with our team.

What PPE classes are monitored?



Smart PPE compliance assistance for the safety team for HoReCa, Retail and Hospitality

Real-life performance

Here are some examples of how it might look in your location

Easy steps towards smarter safety control in your company

Get the demonstration, try the software 

You may choose to try the demo version of the solution right now. Or start from free consultation, where we will answer all your questions and demonstrate the software.

Talk to VITech Lab sales & tech team 

If the demo version looks good to start from, let's discuss how we may proceed to further cooperation. It means we will take into account all your requests and do our best to fit your objectives.

Run a pilot project 

The demo sounds good, but a real-life launch on your company's worksites is better. During the pilot project, you may try all the features, review the software performance, and make the final decision. Surely, during the PoC we also may choose individual customization and support services.

Get the full-pledged deployment

Here we scale the solution to all needed cameras and worksites and fine-tune the SafetyRadar to make it maximum comfortable for you and your safety team.

Masks on, smiles on for your business sustainability

Wondering how to automate mask monitoring for your company? Fill in the form and we will contact you shortly!