Artificial intelligence software for ultimate employees safety

Automate safety control to reduce costs. Achieve 98% PPE compliance. Cover huge worksites with 24/7 PPE monitoring.

SafetyRadar brings Safety Management to a higher level

Constant PPE monitoring of hazardous worksites

Constant monitoring of hazardous worksites

SafetyRadar uses video streams from CCTV/IP cameras for real-time video analytics. The computer vision algorithm automatically identifies the absence of PPE on workers.

    Automatically detects several PPE types on people
    98% real-time detection accuracy
    Compatible with most high-resolution cameras
Smart PPE compliance assistance for the safety team

Smart assistance for your safety team

Support your safety team with AI-powered software, which identifies violations all across the worksites and reports them instantly!

    Instant violation notifications & reports
    Ability to engage teams and manage accesses
    Violation reports are archived for analytics
ppe on worker

Effort & cost savings thanks to automation

Use automated approach to increase the monitoring efficiency and reduce the burden on manually-managed observation.

    Simultaneous coverage of spacy worksites
    Constant observation accuracy
    Fully automated detection and violations registration

What SafetyRadar does

SafetyRadar - PPE Monitoring Platform for workplace safety
  • Connects to cameras on your worksites

  • Monitors worksites and detects the absence of Personal Protective Equipment on people

  • Sends notifications about violations to your safety team 

  • Archives safety violation reports, so you can use it for analysis and statistics

98%safety breaches are detected
100%of violations are documented
30%less time is spent on safety control routine

Capabilities and features

Simultaneously detects several PPE classes on people 

When there are a lot of people in sight, no one will be missed. The software will see them all and detect absence of several types of protective gear on each person.

Based on real-time video processing and analytics

As it uses streams form CCTV or IP cameras on worksites, monitoring and analytics is performed in real-time. So your safety team knows about a violation instantly and take actions in time to prevent injuries.

Compatible with any high-resolution cameras

You may use any modern IP cameras with minimal parameters: Resolution - from 2 MP, Video resolution - from 1920 × 1080 pixels, Video Format - H.264, Max FOV: 80 degrees, Color.

Can be tuned and customized to fit your objectives

PPE types and its peculiarities; number of PPE classes; specific requirements to monitoring and reporting; and other settings can be customized straight in the software interface or with the help of our team.

SafetyRadar use cases

The software serves safety teams in several industries. Here are some of them.

Medical PPE monitoring platform

Medical PPE monitoring

Designed to keep safe employees of Healthcare organizations, Laboratories, Life Sciences facilities, Pharmaceutical and Medical manufacturing businesses.

Industrial PPE monitoring platform

Industrial PPE monitoring

Developed to meet the needs of safety team in Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Construction and Extraction businesses.

Automated face mask detection solution for Retail, HoReCa and Hospitality

Mask detection for Retail, HoReCa and Hospitality

Mask detection edition for safety management in shopping, recreational and entertainment businesses.

Automated face mask detection solution for airports

Mask detection for Airports

Mask detection edition for overcrowded and complex airport facilities, where wearing masks is obligatory.

Get started with PPE monitoring easily!

You may try the demonstrational version of SafetyRadar right now! Or book a demo call with our representative, who will tell you more about opportunities for your case.

Related Case Studies

Use case: Face mask detection for Medical Imaging Center "Sanitas"

Face mask detection for Medical Imaging Center "Sanitas"

Sanitas enforces PPE compliance, ensures safety of their staff and patients amid COVID-19 pandemic. See how VITech Lab team resolved the challenge for constant PPE monitoring with the AI-powered software.

Use case: PneumoScan: PPE Safety Check for Medical Staff

PneumoScan: PPE Safety Check for Medical Staff

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