Driving AI Transformations in Business

From AI-possible to AI-ready through readily available solutions
VITech Lab is an R&D division of VITech that specializes in development and delivery of cutting-edge AI solutions, sharpened to address complex business challenges.
We help healthcare organizations, including care providers, suppliers, and insurance companies, take advantage of data to glean insights into how to optimize operations, improve health outcomes, and reduce costs of patient care.
From price optimization and personalized product recommendations to enhanced logistics processes, we help e-commerce and retail organizations generate practical value through ML and drive business/marketing process optimizations.
VITech Lab enables manufacturers to make the most of what data offers. By generating critical business insights with data-driven ML models, we help organizations optimize production to manufacture high-quality products at minimum cost.

AI Solutions

Empower your organization through our business-ready AI solutions to get instant value and to achieve your business goals with AI in weeks, not months.
Disease Assistant in Healthcare
Empower doctors with AI to improve patient diagnosis and increase diagnosis accuracy to no less than 92% through advanced machine learning techniques enabled by a variety of medical images, from X-ray and MRIs to tomography images.
Worker Safety in Healthcare
Take advantage of Computer Vision to ensure your medical personnel wear personal protective equipment and comply with PPE guidelines on the workplace, to increase safety, prevent injury, and reduce litigation caused by worker injuries.
Product Quality in Manufacturing
Apply the latest developments in Computer Vision to monitor product quality on the workshop floor. Dramatically increase the efficiency of the manufacturing process through automation, better defect detection accuracy, and faster production cycles.
Demand Forecasting in Retail
Generate insights into customer behavior by forecasting demand with AI. Feed a variety of data points, from historical sales data and growth projections to weather forecasts and national holidays, to ML algorithms to know your customer's next action in advance.
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Foundational Solutions
Take advantage of our foundational AI solutions pre-built to accelerate AI transformation of your organization, including infrastructure rearchitecture for Data and ML teams, implementation of ML-powered, data-driven solutions , and HIPAA compliance.
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VITech Services
A recognized tech solutions provider, VITech delivers a wide range of services in Software & Data Engineering to drive digital transformations.

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AWS Advanced Technology Partner

As an AWS Advanced Technology Partner, VITech Lab has a proven track record of building cutting-edge AI solutions for business. We deliver AWS-certified solutions that meet the needs and requirements of clients from diverse industries.
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